An Hotmail account is a Microsoft service that gives you access to free and personal emails. To be able to get a free Hotmail email sign in, you would need a computer or a mobile device that has a web browser program and an internet connection.

Some of the advantages of having a login are that it can be accessed at any time in all web browsers, it can be used to login into any account (e.g. social networking site, online shopping website), and it can be utilized for other Microsoft services.

Indicated below are the step-by-step instructions and screenshots, to help you in getting your own log in.

• Open a web browser program and go to the Hotmail home page at

• As soon as the page has loaded, you will see the Hotmail sign in page on picture number 1. Click on the “Sign up now” link. login

• Subsequently, you will find the windows hotmail log in screen, as seen in picture 2. hotmail

• It may happen that you might see someone else’s sign Hotmail inbox and not the registration page. In this case, sign out first and the refresh the website. Worse comes to worst, if you still cannot see the registration form, delete the cache, cookies, and/or passwords of your web browser or try loading the page on another web browser.

• Fill in your First and Last name, your Country/Region, your ZIP code, your Birthday, your Gender, your Phone number, and your Alternate email address (if you have any) in the registration form.

• One of the important fields to take note of is your Hotmail username so you can have a The permanent format of a Hotmail email address is Although you can choose your username, the part is the same for all those who want to a in. log in

• There are many people who use Hotmail. Therefore, for you to be able to use your chosen username, it must be unique. Read a little about what constitutes a good username or even try to experiment a bit. Hotmail will double-check if the username you chose is already taken. Although getting a unique username might take a few tries, especially if you have a common name, keep on trying different combinations!

• As soon as you have a unique Hotmail user name, you are almost at the finish line!

sign hotmail inbox

• A Hotmail email account is not different from other email accounts. For security purposes, it would need a password, so that other people would not have access to any of your private and/or sensitive information. Try and search for tips on how to create strong passwords. These passwords must be hard to figure out. As you place your password in the field, the characters will be replaced by dots. Hotmail requires that passwords should be at least eight characters in length and should contain at least two of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Afterwards, you have to retype the password again in the succeeding field.

hotmail sign in

• Once you have finished creating your hard-to-decipher password, copy the verification code on the field (of course, this will change) and click on the “Create account” button. You now have a Hotmail email. Congratulations!